WordPress Small Tasks Service

We can help upload text, images, and make small changes to the design of your website for $39.



Fair Pricing


Task Process
We'll help you update your website in 3 steps.

1. Contact

Tell us what can be improved or changed.

2. Review

We will review your request and send you a quote.

3. Small Changes

Our specialists get to work on your website!

About the Service
We offer support services to help you manage your website more efficiently.

List of Tasks

Understanding your requirements is key before we begin working on your website. We will review your support ticket and, if necessary, clarify your request as soon as it is opened.

Input or Update Text

We can assist you in uploading text, creating new pages, and updating existing content on your website. Our contact form lets you upload a Word document.

Upload or Update Images

We can assist you in uploading or changing images on your website, slider, or gallery. Please upload the images to the contact form to get started.

Design Changes

Need help changing the design of your website? Our team can update the colors, fonts, and layout of your pages with just a few lines of code.

New Features

Need to enhance your website's functionality? Maybe you would like a newsletter, Instagram feed, or picture gallery? Let us know what is required and we will find the best way to accomplish it.


We will update your ticket's status after we have completed the tasks. Please review your website and suggest any additional improvements or changes.


We usually update the website within two business days after an order has been processed. When there are many tasks to accomplish, it may take a while. Please let us know if you have an urgent request in the support form.

Our support team will update your support ticket once your website is ready and ask for your feedback. Our revision policy includes one free revision. We charge separately for additional revisions.

There is a minimum charge of $39 for most small and common tasks. In the case of a long to-do list or a particularly challenging task, we’ll quote you accordingly.

To get started, simply open a support ticket. A WordPress user account is usually all we need. We may, however, need your FTP access or web hosting login details for design changes.

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